See the new amazing adventure in a steampunk D&D-like world. Hundreds of characters, dozens of quests and scores of hours await new adventurers and veteran nerds alike! Kickstart your new D&D campaign with The Heist of the Mad King's Jewel - a new campaign book and world setting for your adventuring group. Follow us on Kickstarter to see when we go live HERE, or leave your e-mail in the promo tab, to receive a free intro adventure and to stay updated on our progress! 



The Heist of the Mad King’s Jewel is a novel take on the tabletop RPG formula. It takes the well-known elements of D&D and Pathfinder and places them in an overcrowded steampunk city brimming with class, ethnic and interpersonal tensions. Big ideas, strong personalities, and rival interests clash daily in Moscopolis, the Jewel of the Far North, seeking to establish dominance over the city. The players are thrust into this environment and tasked to rob a bank. There is only one catch; It's one of the most secure places conceived by man or gnome alike. The players will be spicing up the already boiling cauldron that is Moscopolis, with their own brand of chaos. We wish you the best of luck adventurers and may fortune be ever in your favor! 


Mad Mage Games is a small indie development team from Belgrade, Serbia, made up of board game, RPG and fantasy enthusiasts. We come from different social and educational backgrounds, but we all treasure one thing: the love of storytelling. It is our goal to provide players with a fun roleplay experience in a lore-rich, interesting and novel setting. You will get to know more about us as the campaign progresses. 


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From top to bottom, left to right: Anycira Cojocari, Dinadro Naburand, Zryx Tchmill, Sabrut Mineaxe